Selected Biography of Ted Engelmann

From the start of life, my personal influences came from my parents.  Mom was a school teacher and later a hospital administrator.  She was a helper to all and the angel in our family.  Dad was a World War II and Korean War veteran, a photojournalist, a class-room teacher, a college administrator, and retired as a Major in the US Army Reserve. 

Simply because I had a high school diploma, I was able to avoid the draft and enlist in the US Air Force, February 1966.  From March1968 to March 1969 I served in Viet Nam With a Forward Air Control team, directing air strikes for the US and Vietnamese army.  Later I became a middle school, high school, and college teacher, and veteran advocate; all the time making photographs of veteran-related events and the people in several countries. 

A few unique experiences over the years:

  1. *The first Veterans Service Advocate in Denver for the DAV Vietnam Veterans Outreach Program offering counseling for “PTSD” before 1980

  2. *In January 1999, I became the only American War veteran to teach about the war at the United Nations International School-Ha Noi, Viet Nam

  3. *In April 2005, after 35 years being held by another veteran, I returned two diaries  scanned on a CD of Dang Thuy Tram to her remaining family in Ha Noi. 

  4. *In 2007, Random House published the English version, Last Night I Dreamed of Peace, the Diaries of Dang Thuy Tram

  5. *I am the only American invited to Ho Chi Minh’s war-time base of operation

  6. *Author of several articles and photographs about the American War in Viet Nam

  7. *A Distinguished Lecturer with the Organization of American Historians (2008-2014)

  8. *Book in Progress, One Soldier’s Heart: The Emotional Wounds of War

Through my photographs and personal experiences as a veteran and photographer, my slide presentations are intended to support local community members, service providers, veterans, their families, and the general civilian public to meet and learn about each other.  The slide presentations are my way of helping others find each other, support connections between veterans and those who might be able to help, and community members gain insight to veteran-related issues.

Please click here Fine Art Photography to see my Black and White Film Photography.  There are more images than only documenting war.  The Fine Art work helps calm my emotions.

Your presence is encouraging.  My personal goal remains simple: help people understand a denied war and the trauma that we all experienced.  I hope my images might trigger your visual intellect and emotions to better understand the effects of war on soldiers, our families, and nation.

May the fine art photographs bring a continued sense of joy and wonder about the world in which we live. 

Thank you for your interest.



Rocky Mountain

National Park


Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan


Lai Khe, Viet Nam